The Viceroy

Representative of the Gods
The Ruler of Tollan

"I'm Totlatocatzin, the representative of the gods of the Ancient Mexica. I am the once and future ruler of Tollan."

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The Viceroy is the ruler of the whole city. He views the whole city under his vigilant eyes. However, the Viceroy is actually the puppet of the gods themselves. They use him to keep in charge of Aztlan or to view its safety. The Viceroy having a sentient mind is being questioned. Under the Viceroy, there are the nobles, tlacatlli who are in charge of adminstration and the capital.

The Viceroy has been blessed with the powers of the gods and it is said to be very powerful. The Viceroy's realm must not be entered by anyone unless its an extreme case of emergency. However, his existence is known even though he rarely moves at all. The Viceroy speaks only to its nobles if in danger. The nobles does question the Viceroy's effectiveness of running the whole city. It is unknown what he thinks of these criticisms.


Aztec king by emonteon
The Viceroy
Status Alive
Born -
Other Names The Ruler of Tollan
Location The City of Tollan
Physical Info
Species Golem? Demigod?
Gender Male? Female?
Height ?
Hair Colour ?
Eye Colour ?

The Gods (creators)

Loyalty The City of Tollan
The Gods



The Viceroy is always silent. Many people have thought of him to be a tourist attraction. The only time the Viceroy spoke was during Camp Aztlan's founding though no one specifically remembered what he had said. The Viceroy's quietness to most people made them look like fools.


  1. The Viceroy is capable of being faster, stronger and more agile in battle. (war gods)
  2. The Viceroy is a skilled sorcerer. He is capable to removing or completely neutralizing the powers of a demigod for an extended period of time. (Coyolxauhqui)
    1. The Viceroy is a remarkable user of healing herbs. He is knowledgable in the art of healing. (Piltzintecuhtli)
  3. The Viceroy is psychokinetic and telepathic. His psychokinesis is very potent and is capable to crushing a person into pieces. His telepathy is known to be able to communicate through Camp and City of Tollan. (Coyolxauhqui)
  4. The Viceroy is empathic, allowing him to see through people's feelings, hopes and dreams. (Xochipilli)
  5. The Viceroy as a defensive technique is able to create an illusion which generates the opponents' worst fear in front of them. (Huehuecoyotl)
  6. The Viceroy's most powerful ability is inherited from the god of death himself. The Viceroy is able to drain a person's energy around them. If they don't leave, they will rot to death while their flesh are torn apart. Finally, the opponent will completely waste away forever. (Mictlantecuhtli)