This is the place where you get weapons for combat against monsters and beasts. There are thousands of weapons available and children of Huitzilopochtli are in charge of the building.

Magical Metals availableEdit

Blessed ObsidianEdit

Blessed Obsidian starts off as lava flowing from Xiuhtecuhtli's realm to the city of Tollan and cooled rapidly during dawn. This volcanic glass is properly forged by the children of Xipe Totec. This can be wielded by all demigods and non-demigod species alike.

It does not harm mortals except when it is in lava form. The Blessed Obsidian can slice through steel walls quite quickly. BO weapons are used to sacrificed to the gods as it is a sacred weapon.

Mictlan's CopperEdit

Mictlan's Copper is mined from Mictlan's Cave and cooled in a river of blood. Only children of the underworld gods can wield the copper.

Mictlan's Copper can harm mortals in its normal forms. The weapon made from it can infuse the power of the dead and harm monsters of the dark from its dominating aura. Mictlan's Copper can never be used as a sacrificial tool due to its depraved connections in opposed to the heavenly gods of the skies and earth.

Weapons/Armor AvailableEdit

Bow & Arrow, one of the strongest ranged weapons

Macuahuitl, a sword which obsidian blades embedded to its sides. A blow from such weapon can supposedly decapitate a horse.

Tecpactl, a dagger with obsidian/flint blade with a wooden handle around seven to nine inches.

Shield of Chicomecoatl, a metal shield with motifs made out of plants or maize plants

Atlatl, a spear-throwing weapon sacred to the god, Opochtli and Atlaua.

Yāōmītl: War arrows with barbed obsidian, chert, flint, or bone points. Typically fletched with turkey or duck feathers.

Tlacalhuazcuahuitl: A blowgun consisting of a hollow reed using poisoned darts for ammunition. The darts used for this weapon were doused in the neurotoxic secretions from the skin of tree frogs found in jungle areas of central Mexico. This was used primarily for hunting rather than warfare.

Tepoztopilli: Wooden spear with sharp obsidian blades in the top.